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Islam and Christianity Joint Committee to Be Formed
  Egypt's top Muslim cleric has called for setting up a joint committee of Christian and Islamic intellectuals and experts in Egypt.
Monday 3 January 2011 14:45
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Islam and Christianity Joint Committee to Be Formed
BFnews: According to Moheet Website, the grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar University Ahmad Mohammad Al-Tayeb made the remarks in a press conference held on January 2 and said that the committee will be established as an integral part of the University's plan under the title of “Egyptian Family's Home”.

He underlined that studying issues related to Muslims and Christians, evaluating the reasons behind tensions among them and providing proper solutions for relieving them are among the primary objectives of forming the committee.

Stressing the need for creating unity among Muslims and Christians at this point of time, he reiterated that “the committee will be formed in order for removing the grounds for tension”.