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Concentrating on Lost Truths in “Focus” Program of Sahar
  “Focus” series, which is one of the new productions of English Service of Sahar Universal Network, is produced by Aram Sarraf in order to focus on special political and social occasions that are disregarded by the western media.
Monday 5 September 2011 16:04
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Concentrating on Lost Truths in “Focus” Program of Sahar

BFnews: Public Relations Department of Sahar quoted the producer of “Focus” as saying that “This documentary series is produced in forty 15-minute episodes and tries to reveal the truths that are not focused so much by the west”. 

“This occasional program looks into topics such as Quds Day, attack on Gaza, entering of Imam Khoemini (RA) to Iran, Islamic Revolution victory anniversary, execution of Saddam Husain, etc”, Sarraf added.

The credits of this program are as follows. Producer, Director, Editor, and Soundman: Aram Sarraf, Scriptwriter: Kian Nader Mokhtari, Mehran Derakhshandeh, Soudeh Oladi, Narrators: Sepehr Fatemi, Kian Nader Mokhtari and Mehran Derakhshandeh.

“Short News Analysis” is also a live feature that would go on air over English Service of Sahar Universal Network as of next month in 100 episodes. The producer and graphics expert of this feature is Aram Sarraf. This program shows five news of the day in form of graphical visuals.