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Grand Ayatollah Sistani Refuses to Meet with Nabil Al-Arabi
  Grand source of emulation Ayatollah Sistani rejected a request by Arab League Secretary General Nabil Al-Arabi to meet with him.
Saturday 10 December 2011 17:17
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Grand Ayatollah Sistani Refuses to Meet with Nabil Al-Arabi
BFnews: Al-Arabi, who is in Iraq on a visit, had asked to meet with the Shia leader of Iraq but the office of grand Ayatollah Sistani said he has rejected the request, Sawt Al-Iraq website reported.

During his visit, Al-Arabi met with Iraq’s Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki, Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari and parliament speaker Osama Al-Najafi.

Political analysts say the Arab League has been an accomplice in the crimes of the Al-e Khalifa regime against the people of Bahrain since PGCC forces called the Peninsula Shield Forces entered the country to clamp down on Bahraini protesters.

Moreover, the hypocritical policy of the league concerning the situation in Syria is an indication of its compliance with the policies of the West and the Global Arrogance.

Source : Sawt Al-Iraq