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Saudi cleric:
Murdering Assad more Noble than Killing an Israeli
  Saudi cleric who once offered cash prize to whomever kidnaps Israeli soldier comes out against the Syrian President.
Tuesday 28 February 2012 11:10
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Murdering Assad more Noble than Killing an Israeli
Bfnews: Saudi cleric Aaed al-Qarni is claiming that killing President Bashar Assad would be a more noble deed than killing an Israeli person.

Saudi newspaper Sabah quoted al-Qarni as saying that Assad deserves to die for heresy, referring to him as "Basharon," in a jab alluding to former Zionist Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. The Muslim cleric claimed that the Golan Heights will not be freed until Assad's "treacherous" regime falls.

Al-Qarni also proposed holding a Syrian referendum, instead of that on the constitution, on the best way to kill Assad. The options he proposed included death by hanging and slaughter.

The Muslim cleric further added: "Bashar's legitimacy has expired. What is needed is that he be killed as he is a murderer who killed hundreds of children and destroyed mosques instead of protecting the Golan Heights. "

He called on Syrian soldiers to defect and slammed the ruling Ba'ath party.

Qarni also attacked Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah describing him as “the sinful."

“Nasrallah’s position towards the Syrian regime is like the Jews’ testimony, false testimony,” he said.

Last October, immediately after the release of Gilad Shalit from Hamas captivity, al-Qarni posted a message on his facebook page offereing a $100,000 cash prize for whoever kidnaps an Israeli soldier. He did this in response to an ad placed by a family of a terror victim offering the same amount for whoever catches his killer.

Source : Almanar