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Islamic Media, 1st Stronghold of Regional Popular Uprisings
  The Islamic media are the first stronghold for the popular uprisings in the region and victory in the media war will secure victory in other areas.
Tuesday 8 November 2011 14:51
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Islamic Media, 1st Stronghold of Regional Popular Uprisings
BFnews: This is according to Sini Sidu Zakaria, researchers and media activist from Niger, speaking to IQNA about the Islamic awakening in the region.

He said the media are the fourth pillar of power in every country and people choose their social and political path based on the information given to them by the media.

“Now that Muslims in countries like Tunisia, Egypt and Libya have risen up and achieved victory, the Islamic media have a greater responsibility than before,” editor-in-chief of the Le Scientifique daily said.

He added that people of these countries should carefully follow the developments and be vigilant against the conspiracies of the west aimed at leading the revolutions astray.

“The media of the Islamic world have a momentous role in this regard and should keep people informed about the threats to the revolutions.”

The Nigerien media activist noted that nowadays defending Islam and Quranic teachings should be done in the media field. “It is upon the Islamic media unite to defend Islamic values.”

Zakaria described the regional uprisings as a return to Islam and said, “Islam’s policy endorses democracy and freedom and those who seek to portray Islam as a religion opposed to democracy do not know Islam.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, he pointed to the creation of the Press Union of the Islamic world and said the union would help the spread of Islamic teachings in the world.

The Press Union of the Islamic world was launched on Saturday, October 29, in Tehran.