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90 Books on Mahdism Published in Qom
  The Specialized Center of Mahdaviat in the holy city of Qom has published as many as 90 new books about Imam Mahdi (may God hasten his glad advent), a number of which being showcased at Tali’e Zohur Exhibition.
Wednesday 13 July 2011 17:53
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90 Books on Mahdism Published in Qom
BFnews: This is according to HojatolIslam Seyyed Hasan Abedi, who is responsible for the pavilion of the Specialized Center of Mahdaviat at Tali’e Zohur Exhibition in the holy city of Qom, adding that the books also cover theses composed by university lecturers, researchers and scholars on various topics dealing with the 12th Imams of Shia Muslims.

Regarding the activities of the center, he noted that it is for the 11th year that the specialized center affiliated to the Cultural Foundation of Imam Mahdi (may God hasten his reappearance) has conducted researches and held educational courses on the theme.

He added: 77300 participants have been instructed during almost 2240000 hours of courses so far organized by the center.

The Imam’s occultation and its reasons, advantages of the occultation and advent, problems regarding Mahdism, conditions and signs of his advent, and Mahdism in view of the Quran and Abrahamic religions have been among the themes of the instructions.

HojatolIslam Abedi stated that 300 students have been graduated in BA and MA at the center.

He noted: The center has also published software products on the theme titled 'Rayehe Entezar', 'Shamim-e Entezar 2', and 'Aftab-e Mehr'.