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Qatif Shia to Launch "Day of Wrath" on March 3rd
  According to ABNA correspondent in Qatif (Eastern province of Saudi Arabia) Shia Youths Movement organized a peaceful demonstration on next Thursday, March 3rd.
Monday 28 February 2011 17:38
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Qatif Shia to Launch "Day of Wrath" on March 3rd
BFnews: The statement is as follows:

Youths from different regions of Qatif including Safavi and al Awamiya city announced that Youths Movement will launch a peaceful march on Thursday March 3rd.

We call on the brothers in the different areas of Qatif to participate in this peacaful march. We also extend a special invitation to all regions near and far to participate in this peace process.

The statement added that the most important demands which will be submitted are:

1. Release all political prisoners from different communities.

2. Combat with corruption.

3. Effective solutions to remove unemployment and poverty.

4. Stop the sectarian discrimination.

5. Political freedoms. 

Source : AhlulBayt News Agency