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Now is the time to destroy Zionism
The golden calf is the illegitimate state of “Israel.”
  Muslims-Americans: Now is the time to destroy Zionism Jews, Christians and Muslims all believe in the story of what happened when Prophet Moses (p) went to the mountaintop to receive the Commandments from God. As is told in the historical narrative of these three religions—and famously depicted in the Charlton Heston movie, The Ten Commandments—Moses (p) returns from the mountaintop to find his (p) people engrossed in the worship of a golden calf.
Tuesday 5 October 2010 12:44
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BFnews: Unfortunately, many people in America are, unbeknownst to them, engaged in just such worship.

The golden calf is the illegitimate state of “Israel.”

This golden calf that many Americans (not all) are worshiping has many striking similarities to the golden calf that Jews worshiped approximately 3000 years ago.

The golden calf of Moses’(p) time was made of gold, silver and other valuables. When Aaron (p) tried to stop its worship he was threatened with bodily harm.

The golden calf that Americans worship is made up of money as well, and anyone who questions its existence and legitimacy is quickly threatened by a media mob with accusations of “anti-Semitism,” “Hitlerism” “bigotry” and other loaded terms. Just as Aaron (p) was threatened with bodily harm, anyone who questions this golden calf is demonized through accusations of bigotry and threatened with personal and professional loss. Because the backlash can be so severe and unforgiving, one who questions the Zionist state —whether as an educator, journalist, politician, or anything else—is risking not only credibility in his profession, he is risking his very livelihood.

The golden calf of ancient Jews was built upon falsehood, obfuscation of truth and turning one’s face away from God and monotheism. The golden calf of Zionism too is built on falsehood, obfuscation and turning one’s face away from God because it was created by atheistic Jews who had turned their face away from God and who looked upon religious Jews as a “problem.”

Some people are of the view that we don’t need to tackle thorny issues such as the legitimacy of “Israel,” etc. We should first (they say) build our “standing” in the community by playing a “humanitarian” role and ingratiating ourselves with the political establishment by becoming players within it. They sometimes cite the success of Zionists in this country as an example we should follow.

There are two things that need to be understood here that are crucial to our survival as Muslims and Shia of Imam Ali (a.s.) within the U.S.

The first is that we can pour millions of dollars into the U.S. and win
The golden calf that Americans worship is made up of money as well, and anyone who questions its existence and legitimacy is quickly threatened by a media mob with accusations of “anti-Semitism,” “Hitlerism” “bigotry” and other loaded terms.
seats in the Senate and House of Representatives, but not help Islam one iota in this country. This is because we will still be bound by the powerful “Israeli” lobby. Until we destroy this golden calf, all the efforts we make are destined to come to naught, because “Israel” depends on the obfuscation of Islam and the ruining of the reputation of the Holy Prophet (p) for its survival. If non-Muslims start to realize the truth of Islam, and the reality of the Holy Prophet’s (p) relationship with Jews and how their own books had prophesied the birth of the Prophet (p) in Arabia, they will reject the Zionist notion that the only reason Muslims oppose the existence of “Israel” is because Islam is a bigoted religion that cannot tolerate a tiny state in a sea of Muslim states.

This is the mantra that Zionists repeat over and over in this country and around the world so that they can portray themselves as victims and Muslims as aggressors and bigots to non-Muslims. Alhamdulillah, it is no longer working, thanks to the brave resistance shown to the evil Zionists by Hamas, Hizbollah and others.

The second point to note is that we must not follow in the footstep of Zionists in this country when it comes to political strategy precisely for the reason that it has lead to the destruction of an authentic Jewish identity in this country.

Jews in this country are largely devoid of their Jewish identity precisely because Zionism or nationalism has supplanted their religious identity. Albert Einstein, one of the most famous Jews of our time recognized this problem and refused the Presidency of the state that was formulated as a British conspiracy with support from other Western powers to establish an outpost of imperialism in the Muslim world:

"My awareness of the essential nature of Judaism resists the idea of a Jewish state with borders, an army, and a measure of temporal power, no matter how modest. I am afraid of the inner damage Judaism will sustain -- especially from the development of a narrow nationalism within our own ranks, against which we have already had to fight strongly, even without a Jewish state."

Einstein realized what a lot of contemporary Muslims don’t understand: if Muslims in America don’t concentrate on Zionism, which is the essential problem facing Islam both inside and outside America, and instead focus on making themselves “politically strong” by pouring money into the political process like Zionists in America have or by telling everyone that they love American and are proud to be American, they will achieve political success in this country but at the cost of losing
Jews in this country are largely devoid of their Jewish identity precisely because Zionism or nationalism has supplanted their religious identity.
their Islamic identity.

Winning political success in this country and preserving our Islamic identity will be done, not through reliance on money (however essential money may be) nor by telling other Americans how in love we are with the American government, but by following the idol-smashing examples of Moses (p), Ibrahim (p) and the Holy Prophet (p). This is because the U. S. Congress and foreign policy officials worship the golden calf of Zionism, an idol that must be destroyed.

As Imam Hussain (a.s.) famously said: "One who pursues a goal through sinful ways, will ironically distance himself from that goal, and will approach what he was afraid of"

We must be careful that we don’t use the Zionist method of duplicity and deceit in trying to deal with problems in the U.S. As Imam Musa (h.a.) one of the real leaders of Muslims in the U.S. pointed out: if you are all niceness and politeness to a people who know that you have an ideological difference with them, it will only make them that more suspicious about you. It’s better to be honest and tell people why you disagree with them. In the process you could win over a whole lot of people and also defeat falsehood, because you have something that is much more powerful: Haq.

Organizations such as the Council of American Islamic Relations (C.A.I.R.) should take this lesson to heart. Years of “cooperation” with the F.B.I. and other U.S. government bodies has bought nothing but suspicious, distrust, investigation, harassment and political repression.

We must be careful that we don’t end up like the Zionists in our attempts to placate a political enemy that shows no qualms about launching hateful diatribes against Islam and Muslims. We might end up becoming something other than followers of Prophet Mohammad. (p).

Just ask the Zionists, many of whom have nothing more than a surname in common with Judaism.

In short, Muslims in America should mobilize all available resources to confront Zionism within this country where it finds its greatest support and succor. If Muslims in the U.S. unite and focus on destroying Zionist ideology in the U.S. and exposing its real cowardly, anti-divine, criminal, fear-based foundations, we will liberate ourselves from the daily fear of living in a virtual police state such as the United States. We will also free the millions of Muslim who are suffering due to Zionist repression, either directly like the Palestinians, or indirectly like the Iraqi, Afghanis, Kashmiris and countless others.
Source : Islam Times