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Gadaffi 'Captured' in His Hometown
  A commander of Libya's National Transitional Council (NTC) says fugitive ruler Muammar Gaddafi has been captured in Sirte.
Thursday 20 October 2011 15:27
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BFnews: According to the report, Gaddafi got injured. He was reportedly wounded in the leg.

Gaddafi was arrested together with his son, Motasem.

Gaddafi and his family have been on the run since NATO and rebel forces started closing the net on Tripoli in mid-August.

The reports of Gaddafi's capture came on the same day that revolutionary forces said that they had taken control of Sirte - the leader's home town.

Initial reports from CNN and the revolutionary council said Gaddafi was in custody, while Al Jazeera reported that a ‘big fish’ had been caught but did not provide a name.

Sky News reported that Gaddafi had been wounded in both legs prior to his capture.

Source : Agencies