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Al-Hassan Wa Al-Hussein Series Baffles Its Audience
  The Al-Hassan Wa Al-Hussein serial confuses its audience by showing paradoxical and contradictory events, a university scholar said.
Sunday 16 October 2011 17:11
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Al-Hassan Wa Al-Hussein Series Baffles Its Audience
BFnews: Seyyed Khalil Bastan, lecturer at Allameh Tabatabaee University, said the director has presented a work based on distortions and fabrications.

He said the story of the serial is based on events that have never happened in history.

He said the lofty status of Ahl-ul-Bayt (AS) is obvious and there are so many Hadiths from the Sunni school of thought referring to their great status. “I wonder how the Syrian director has dared to produce such an insulting work, knowing the level of love and devotion for Ahl-ul-Bayt (AS) from followers of different Islamic schools of thought.”

Mr. Bastan stressed that the series does not reflect historical facts, noting that there are biased individuals and groups behind production of such works who have always been seeking to reach their objectives at any cost and by any means such as distorting the truth.

He highlighted the important role of Iranian filmmakers and artists to produce religious woks based on historical facts.

He also called for a ban on such serials and movies that insult Islamic values.

The serial Al-Hassan Wa Al-Hussein has been directed by Syrian filmmaker Abd al-Bari Abu al-Khair.