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The Sunday Forum:
The Tenth Parallel: Where Islam and Christianity Meet
Critical Issues in the Light of Faith
  Cathedral Dean Samuel T. Lloyd III, Dean of Washington National Cathedral, welcomes poet and journalist Eliza Griswold for a discussion of the intersection of Christianity and Islam in the borderlands of Africa and Asia.
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Saturday 22 January 2011 13:03
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Eliza Griswold.
Eliza Griswold.
BFnews: Eliza Griswold is an award-winning poet and international journalist, whose most recent book, The Tenth Parallel, relates her nearly seven-year experience traveling the borderlands of Africa and Asia where Christianity and Islam intersect.

The recipient of a 2010 Rome Prize from the American Academy in Rome, Griswold is currently a fellow at the New America Foundation and a former Nieman Fellow at Harvard University. Her reportage on religion, conflict, and human rights and her poetry have appeared in the New Yorker, the Atlantic Monthly, the New York Times Magazine, Harpers, and the New Republic, among many other publications.

About her book: The Tenth PArallel
To explore the knife-edge where Islam and Christianity meet, Eliza Griswold has spent much of the past seven years traveling in Africa and Asia between the equator and the line of latitude seven hundred miles to the north, the tenth parallel.

Through a series of unforgettable characters and their lives of deep faith, she tells the fifteen-hundred year story of how these two great faiths have come to intersect—and interact.

She concludes that the most important forces shaping the future of the world’s religions are those contests unfolding inside of Christianity and Islam, not between them. She shows us that religion, like the weather, links us to each other whether we like it or not.