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Review of Obama speaches in UN
Heavy shadow of Gaza on the dream of US peace
  Review of speeches` Barrack Obama, president of United State of America, in two UN General Assembly indicates disappointment of Washington of Middle East peace process and inability of the country to inhibit the Zionist regime.
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Tuesday 28 September 2010 14:48
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Heavy shadow of Gaza on the dream of US peace
BFnews: American president in his debut official presence in UN that was 64th General Assembly in 2009, devoted 9% of his text to the Middle East peace.

In the text that was full of hope and encourage two parties to the peace movement, Obama hoped to establish peace among Israel and Lebanon, Israel and Syria and border peace among Israel and many his neighbors.

Also, Obama referred to the last meeting with Israeli president and Head of Palestinian Authority before the General Assembly and said: We have made progress, Palestinians boost the efforts to the security and Israel will facilitate freedom of movement for Palestinians. However a year later and after his inability to satisfy the Zionists to cancel the long seize of Gaza, and killing aidworkers of freedom convoys, he requested Palestinians were committed to security of Israel.

He devoted 24% of his text to this issue in 65th General Assembly of UN. The text was full of frustration and anger towards not running of USA plan for establishing "two states", Obama said: Last year, I declared my own commitment to support the goal of two states and peace between Israel and its neighbors,... After 12 months we have many problems.

He also said without referring to long seize of Gaza and killing International aidworkers by the Zionist army: Currently, many are pessimistic to the process of peace,... some said there was very large gap between two sides and capacity for failure of negotiations was very huge.

In another part of the text was admitted to the isolation of Israel in the world and Palestinian friends in International community were requested to help peace process.

Obama said: Those who are friends of Israel should know that real security for Jewish state requires an independent Palestine that allows Palestinian people have had good life and opportunities for advancement. Those who are friends of Palestine should know that rights of Palestinian people are only realized through peaceful methods. The commitment must be accompanied with action.

Even if Obama follow the US peace, during last year Gaza siege and instriction on access of Gaza people to food and water are intensified, Gaza Intl. aidworkers convoy was attacked and Hamas leaders were killed by Zionist regime, the events are destroyed any hope for achievement of peace.

Although the other hand, US asked Israel to extend suspension of settlement building, but was not paid attention to it and settlers of occupied territories said that we had not voted Netanyahu to halt settlement and form government for Palestinians.

What is happening in Gaza is the fact was approved after the Goldestone report on the Human Rights Committee. The heavy shadow of Gaza is widespread on the dream of US peace.