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Abbas Agrees to Attend “Peace” Talks in Paris as Israel Still “Studying”
  As Palestinian youths were being martyred along the borders with the occupied territories, Palestinian Authority Chief Mahmoud Abbas, from Rammallah, announced he was ready to attend a French proposal to hold what so-called “peace” conference in Paris by the end of July.
Monday 6 June 2011 15:24
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Abbas Agrees to Attend “Peace” Talks in Paris as Israel Still “Studying”
BFnewes: Nimr Hammad, a political advisor to Abbas, said the president had told French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe that he agreed officially to France's proposal to host a “peace” conference in Paris before the end of July.

Hammad said: President Abbas told Foreign Minister Juppe that he agrees officially to the French initiative of holding an international peace conference in Paris.

He added: Abbas insisted that participation be “conditioned” on using the lines which existed before the 1967 Six-Day War as the basis for negotiating future borders.

He underlined: In order to start negotiations, their basis must be ending the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land occupied since 1967, and the borders of the state will be determined on this basis with land swaps agreed by both the Israeli and Palestinian sides.

Meanwhile, and as the PA Chief said he was ready to attend the conference, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the Zionist entity was “studying” the French proposal.

Netanyahu told media at the beginning of a weekly meeting of his cabinet: I heard the proposal brought by French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe.


"We very much appreciate our French friends and I will respond to them after we have considered matters. We will study the proposal and discuss it with our American friends as well."

Netanyahu also added he would not consider resuming negotiations with any Palestinians government that includes the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, which last month signed a unity deal with the Fatah movement of Abbas.
"We would also like to emphasize and reiterate: Negotiations will not be conducted with a Palestinian government, half of which is Hamas, a terrorist organization that seeks to destroy Israel," Netanyahu said.

After meeting Prime Minister in Fatah government, Salam Fayyad, in Ramallah on Thursday, Juppe said France was willing to transform a scheduled meeting of international donors into a broader “peace” conference to help prelaunch stalled negotiations.
Source : Al Manar