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Mahdism, a commonality of Shia, Sunni
  University figure highlighted Mahdism as a common principle between Shia and Sunni.
Friday 15 July 2011 11:01
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Mahdism, a commonality of Shia, Sunni
BFnews: Hojjatoleslam Ali Nasiri, manager of Ma'aref Vahy College, referred to religious pathology of Mahdism and highlighted belief in Imam Mahdi (AS) as the last survivor, a common principle between Shia and Sunni.

An author of "Methodology of Hadith Narration" said: While Sunni believe that the last survivor is to be born and is a descendent of Imam Hassan (AS), Shia think the last survivor is a grandchild of Imam Hussein (AS).

Manager of Qur'an and Islamic Texts Department of Ma'aref College also said Shia believe Imam Mahdi (AS) is a descendent of Imam Hussein and son of Imam Hassan Askari (AS) and has guided Muslim nation in different ways in the past 12 centuries.

He said a big defect is fraudulent people claim to be Imam Mahdi (AS).

These people, according to the religious figure, claim to be the last survivor and an heir to the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and their objective is to misuse the beliefs in Muslim world for their social, political and cultural interests.

He said another problem about Mahdism among people is the fake claims for communicating with Imam Mahdi (AS).

Hojjatoleslam Ali Nasiri said a lack of knowledge on Imam Mahdi (AS) is one of the reasons for the problem and warned people against such fake claims.

Source : Taqrib Newa Agency