Bright Future news (BFnews) - Latest news :: Full Edition Tue, 10 Dec 2019 23:47:18 GMT News Studio (News publishing and Editorial teamwork system) Bright Future news 100 70 en Copyright 2005-2010 BFnews, all rights reserved. Tue, 10 Dec 2019 23:47:18 GMT Culture 60 Scientific Development, One of the Very Best Means of Promoting Islam Bfnews: Grand Ayatollah Nasser Makarem Shirazi, Iranian senior jurisprudent and professor at Qom Seminary in a meeting with members of the Council for Promotion of Higher Education and Al Mustafa University referred to Iran's scientific advances demanding for propagating the advances in different countries. He demanded for promotion of Iran's scientific advances in a way that anti religious propagandas are foiled. He referred to Islamic Revolution of Iran and the advances made in the post revolution Iran and expressed regret that the developments in cultural aspect have not been satisfactory. Ayatollah Makarem counted seminary and university as two centers which play an important role in solving the cultural problem of the country. "Enemies, due to the high expense of military attacks, have focused on cultural invasion and ruining the minds of the youths." Said the cleric and called for formation of three groups to work on lesson plans, materials and also professors. He quoted Islamic motto that science is an ever target of search for a Muslim and it has to be learnt no matter where it is. "Sciences have to be learnt by Muslims before it is adjusted with Islamic values, then a monotheistic observation of science will be plausible." Ayatollah Makarem said. Iranian top cleric referred to Islamic prayer that any moment should be a moment of development and said, "Once seminaries and universities carry out their mission, Islamic Revolution would make a great jump." Top religious figure also quoted a Hadith by Imam Ali (AS), first Shia Imam saying the positive outcomes for three good deeds never end, firstly, giving charity, then raising good children and finally learning and leaving science for the descendants.End/m ]]> Culture Tue, 17 Apr 2012 06:21:53 GMT Introducing a Shia website: Islamic Laws Bfnews: This is an Islamic Laws site, primarily hosting Islamic laws, as taught by the Holy Prophet (saws) and his Progeny, Ahlulbayt (A.S.). It attempts to bring clarity / document the Islamic laws, with some explanations where available, so that people at large can understand & follow HIS will. The site also attempts to make people aware of the people i.e. Ulama - their lives/works etc who have been guiding the community since the Prophet (saww)'s time. In addition it provides glimpses of the intensive study the Ulamaa undergo to reach that status and the logical/scientific 'Process' used by them for derivation/confirmation of these laws from Quran & Authentic Hadith . The site also has a section which is a portal or a link to reliable sites for Questions & Answers relating to Islam Islamic Laws is built by a group of volunteers working on this site since 2007, seeking only HIS acceptance and your prayers for such acceptance. End/n ]]> Culture Wed, 11 Apr 2012 08:38:29 GMT Israeli spies oppose Iran war Bfnews:  “The really interesting thing about the Israeli situation is…that the heads of the three Israeli intelligence services do not seem to be recommending any military attack,” Thomas R. Pickering said on Tuesday. “It involves many to many risks and complications and it is unlikely to achieve, in any serious and continuing way, the objective of stopping the Iranian (nuclear energy) program,” Pickering noted. Referring to recent remarks by Israeli officials, including Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, that they will take a decision on whether or not to strike Iran independently, without the US authorization, Pickering argued that such an attack will not be “the wisest bet.” “I believe if you were to attack Iran militarily under the current situation, one result would be that they will have a perfectly legitimate reason for saying ‘We had no interest in a bomb, but now that we have been attacked we obviously have to make a bomb.’ So it is counterproductive,” he added. Turning to the escalating tension between Iran and US, the former American diplomat stated that mutual distrust between Tehran and Washington is the main obstacle that stalls a diplomatic settlement of the existing disputes between the two countries. Pickering noted that the Iranians have their reasons to be suspicious of the US, “and this disrupts the very possibility of diplomatic settlement of the ongoing crisis.” He proposed that the US must begin with the idea that the Iranians advanced two months ago that they would stop enriching uranium to ۲۰ percent if provided with the fuel elements. The US and Israel have been escalating war rhetoric on Iran during the past few months, claiming that Iran seeks to produce nuclear weapons under the cover of its nuclear energy program. On Friday, March 2, US President Obama threatened Iran with a military strike, over the country’s nuclear energy program, telling the Atlantic magazine that the US is “not taking any options off the table.” Iran has denied the Western allegations, promising a crushing response to any military strike against the country. Tehran has also warned that any such measure could result in a war that would spread beyond the Middle East. End/n ]]> Culture Wed, 07 Mar 2012 08:08:00 GMT Israel planning to turn Islamic museum into synagogue Bfnews: The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) is planning to turn an Islamic museum adjacent to the Aqsa mosque in occupied Jerusalem into a Jewish synagogue. The anti wall and settlement committee in occupied Jerusalem said in a statement on Saturday evening that the IOA controlled-municipality of the holy city was planning in cooperation with Zionist fanatics to control the Islamic museum that is adjacent to the Maghareba gate wall and turn it into a synagogue and a library. It warned that controlling the 400-square-meter museum and digging tunnels underneath the holy city in search of the alleged temple fell in line with Judaization attempts. The committee affirmed that the Buraq Wall is an inseparable part of the Aqsa Mosque and there is no such thing as the Wailing Wall, describing the renaming of the Buraq Wall as an attempt to forge Islamic history. It appealed to the Arab and Islamic countries to resist the Judaization of Jerusalem, which is progressing with encouragement of the Israeli government, and demanded activating popular rallies against the IOA practices in occupied Jerusalem and to maintain permanent presence inside the Aqsa plazas especially near to the Maghareba gate to confront the settlers. End/n ]]> Culture Tue, 06 Mar 2012 08:10:08 GMT Books by Imam Khamenei to be translated in five languages Bfnews: Five books by the Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution are to be translated into English, Arabic, Spanish, French and Russian in a bid to meet the demands of the regional Muslims for more guidance. A unique effort by Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, five books by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei are to be translated and published into five languages. The move is in line with the demand of the Muslim people in the region as well as lightning the path of the Musims against the plots of the enemies. The target language for theses translations will be Arabic, English, French, Russian and Spanish. The books which will be translated include Lessons of the Revolution, Palestine, Light of Knowledge, Women and Revival of Real Identity (chosen remarks of the Supreme Leader), Elections and The Night of Power in the Islamic System (views of the Supreme Leader on election in a democratic system). End/n ]]> Culture Mon, 05 Mar 2012 09:16:25 GMT Comic strip of 12th Shia Imam Mahdi's mother Released Bfnews: Stories about the 12th Shia Imam's mother like her life before marriage, and marriage with Imam Hassan Asgari are covered in the book. Historical accounts have it that Melika, also known as Nargin Khatoon(sa) (meaning a narcissus flower) the daughter of a great Roman Caesar, was chosen by Almighty Allah(by a special dream) to become the Mother of ۱۲th Imam, Imam Mahdi (AS). Nargis Khatoon (sa), the princess, who was also the descendant of one of the disciples of Prophet Jesus(Esa), was sent to Samarra, Iraq, to become the wife of ۱۱th Imam, Imam Hassan Askari (as). Comic strips are among the most popular book types in the world attracting millions of readers from all ages. The contingency of illustrations and texts may be the key to the attraction of the type to readers in all ages, especially youngsters. This is why the style has been chosen for the book to be appealing for younger readers as well. The book contains interesting information about Imam Mahdi's mother. The toppling defeat of Romans by Muslim forces, the companionship of Melika with Muslims and her marriage with the 11th Shia imam are some parts of the book. The illustrations are provided by Mehrdad Shahvari and the book's cover and page layouts are designed by Kazem Talayi. End/n ]]> Culture Mon, 05 Mar 2012 07:20:26 GMT Islamic Museum established in Australia Bfnews: To lay the foundation stone of this museum in Melbourne city the chief of Organization of Islamic Cooperation Akmal-ud-Din Ahsan Aoghlu, the two representatives from Australia and some Muslims of this city have participated. In this event the chief of OIC Akmal-ud-Din Ahsan Aoghlu said that the construction of this museum is a very important issue for Muslims of Australia. And non-Muslims can also benefit from these noble and valuable cultural services. He added that for the development of Islamic civilization in this Museum, Islamic arts prints will be exhibited. The ambassador of Qatar Mustafa Fakhru said that Qatar government will pay the cost of building this museum which is 8 million dollars. End/n ]]> Culture Sun, 04 Mar 2012 09:01:33 GMT Academy Awards goes to Farhadi’s A Separation Bfnews: The prize-magnet movie was awarded at the biggest night of the film industry at the Hollywood and Highland Center (formerly known as the Kodak Theatre) on Sunday. A Separation has also been nominated the Best Original Screenplay of the 2012 Academy Awards. In the Best Foreign Language Film of the Year category, the Iranian family drama went up against Bullhead by Michael R. Roskam (Belgium), Footnote by Joseph Cedar (Israel), In Darkness by Agnieszka Holland (Poland), and Monsieur Lazhar by Philippe Falardeau (Canada). In the best original screenplay writing category, Farhadi’s mesmerizing flick was competing up against Bridesmaids by Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo, Margin Call by J.C. Chandor, and Midnight in Paris by Woody Allen. The drama also turned heads winning The Best Foreign Film Award of the 27th annual Independent Spirit Awards during a ceremony held one day before the ۸۴th Academy Awards. Farhadi’s drama also grabbed the Best Foreign Film Award of the 2012 César Awards on February 24, in Paris. Farhadi’s film also received Best Picture, Best Film Not in the English Language, Best Ensemble and Best Original Screenplay awards of the ۹th International Cinephile Society (ICS). Farhadi's award-sweeper drama has hit the Canadian and the Brazilian cinemas since January 20, 2012, as scheduled earlier. The film won the award for the Best Foreign Language film at the 2012 edition of Golden Globes. It also received the 2012 Turkish Film Critics Association Award (SIYAD) in the same category. The 2011 New York Film Critics Circle also granted its Best Foreign Film award to A Separation. Nader and Simin: A Separation received three top awards of the Best Foreign Language Film, Best Supporting Actress and the Best Screenwriter at the 2012 London Critics' Circle Awards (LCCA). The movie has also been nominated for the ۴۳rd annual NAACP Image Awards, a multi-cultural accolade presented by the American National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. The Iranian drama was awarded by the 2012 Broadcast Film Critics Association. It also received the ۱۷th BFCA Annual Critics' Choice Movie's Best Foreign Language Film award. Farhadi's A Separation was recently selected as the best ۲۰۱۱ film by Wall Street Journal and the second best film of the same year by the international film magazine, Sight and Sound. The critically-acclaimed movie has entered the Best Foreign film line-up of the International Press Academy (IPA) Satellite Awards. End/n ]]> Culture Mon, 27 Feb 2012 07:03:56 GMT English Muslim singer sings to embrace Arab uprising Bfnews: The first show, which took place last Thursday in Doha, Qatar, drew a sell-out crowd. Although he has played private shows in the region before now, the Doha concert was a public debut and his first Middle East concert. Yosuf Islam is providing a mix of songs: half are Steven's well-known earlier songs and half are songs composed in the decades after he embraced Islam. The Arab Spring is close at hand throughout the tour. It takes on a different form in Yusuf Islam's concerts as he sings about love, reconciliation and freedom of nations. On Saturday, during his show in Beirut Lebanon, Islam explained that the uprising of the Arabs reminded him of the sixties when people all around the world were marching for peace. To embrace this new movement, Islam wrote "My People", a song which tackles the issue of people's right to freedom and the need to take decisions without hurting others. He added that this song is dedicated to all the nations who are seeking freedom and liberty peacefully. The musician's fans in Beirut rallied overnight to be able to listen to his music that Islam says can help bridge cultural gaps. Islam commented in his interview with Al Arabiya that music is a powerful art that plays the role of connecting people as it is not restricted by boundaries, color or nationality. He stated that music is a part of human civilization that we can use to help people to come together, explaining that when words coincide with beautiful music it can be a very powerful tool to unite people under same topic: love. He added "when the audience comes to the show, you see Muslim and non-Muslim, old and young gathered to listen to a universal art." The singer, who left his career at the peak of his stardom in the seventies to devote himself to humanitarian causes, has gradually made a return to music. "Music is an issue which is still under debate," he said, "because there is no clear indication in sacred text, either in Qur'an or authentic and unambiguous hadith. It is something that is subject to discussion and research." "In the beginning, ... when I heard some of the hadith or some of the reported hadith, I was a little bit careful and thought, OK I'm gonna withdraw until I know more, until God makes it more clear to me. I left. I got busy with work and education and charity and raising a family." Islam revealed that the horror of 9/11 acted as the trigger behind his musical comeback. Seeing escalating tension between people across the world, Islam wanted to make a contribution towards reconciliation and felt the urge to pursue this ambition through his greatest passion: art. He wanted to channel his passion and share his experiences of tolerance with a world that was increasingly becoming divided. "In 2001, when 9/11 happened, the world looked like it was going to explode and I realized that there is a chance for me perhaps to come back and sing about peace and try to bring people together again with love and wisdom," he said. He also stressed the importance of education in helping to combat the prevalence of misconceptions about Islam and other religions, and to help break down the barriers which often divide people from different backgrounds. "Obviously knowledge and education is going to be critical in helping to overcome problems," he said, "for a long time Islam was looked upon by the Orient and the image of Islam was created by the Orientalists, but for those westerners who were brave enough to break through the wall and discover what Islam is, they found, like me, so many things that enrich and come from the heritage of previous revelations of Christianity and Judaism." End/n ]]> Culture Thu, 23 Feb 2012 08:46:24 GMT Hollywood actor slams 'Colonialist' UK Bfnews: "I think that the world today is not going to tolerate any kind of ludicrous and archaic commitment to colonialist ideology," said the Oscar-winning actor. Today, speaking in Uruguay having met President Jose Mujica in Montevideo, Penn repeated his criticisms against the UK and regarded the deployment of the Duke of Cambridge Prince William to the region as "unthinkable". “There are many places to deploy the prince. It's not necessary, when the deployment of a prince is generally accompanied by warships, to send them into the seas of such shared blood," he added. However, a Tory MP Patrick Mercer strongly criticized Penn’s remarks over the issue, saying, “What on earth has this got to do with Sean Penn? He's neither British nor Argentine and seems to know nothing about the situation judging by this moronic statement.” Seeking to resolve the issue through diplomacy, Argentinean Foreign Minister Hector Timerman submitted an official complaint to the UN Security Council against Britain “militarizing” the South Atlantic. Nevertheless, Britain's ambassador to the United Nations Mark Lyall Grant said the UK government would hold talks with Buenos Aires on any issue except the islands’ sovereignty. Meanwhile, members of UK Defense Select Committee are expected to travel to the islands next month in order to visit Britain’s military installations that include a garrison of over 1000 troops. End/n ]]> Culture Thu, 16 Feb 2012 09:55:48 GMT