Bahraini opposition abroad:

The hand that is stained with blood does not build a civil state

Islam Times , 8 Nov 2011 17:10

The Bahraini opposition abroad issued a statement saying: “the nature of the regime in Bahrain regarding their commitments is coupled with murder and suppression, and this was reflected due to the entry of the country into numerous political crises accompanied by an increase in the number of deaths and bloodshed to more than forty martyrs.”

BFnews: The statement, of which “Islam Times” website received a copy, added that: “the act in which the regime murdered the father of Sheikh Hussein Al-Daihi, Deputy Secretary General of the Wefaq Association, is a new bloody targeting that warns of a series of physical liquidations that might touch on the opposition leaders and political and professional activists.”

The statement noted that “the regime’s hand is stained with the blood of the innocent cannot build a civil state nor establish a real democracy, and the talk on political reform for this regime has become impossible.”

He considered that “the regime’s continuation in its crimes against civilians and politicians of the people comes It considered that "the continuation of the regime in its crimes against civilians and politicians of the people comes within the sight and hearing of the fact-finding committee headed by Dr. Basioni and under a clear U.S. cover, which makes the American administration a partner in the murder and oppression.”

The statement added: “The Bahraini people, who are demanding freedom and justice, will not be frightened by these assassinations since they have been accustomed to offering martyrs and sacrifices, especially in the holidays, and which will help them break the suppression and tyranny machine all the way to achieve the legitimate demands of the real desired democratic transition through running the country with the will of a public elect.”


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