Qom Ranks First in Publication of Religious Books in Iran

News agency iqna , 13 Jun 2011 19:24

Qom is the second city of the country actively involved in publications and won the first rank in publication of religious books.

BFnews: This is according to Seyyed Reza Dehnad, deputy of the governor of the province in planning affairs, who visited the first exhibition of printing and publications stating that the industry is developing at the country particularly in Qom province.

He said that publication is considered as an ancient industry of the province with many of experts and experienced specialists who try to make the best use of potentials of the province in this respect.

The deputy noted that the establishment of a publication complex in the city will be a great step taken to develop the industry.

The first printing and publication exhibition was held from June 7 to 10 with the participation of a number of Quranic and religious publishers in the holy city of Qom.


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