Iraian university students condemn brutal killings in Bahrain

News agency IRNA , 19 Dec 2011 13:44

A group of Iranian university students condemned the killing of oppressed Muslim people in Bahrain.

BFnews: In a statement issued on Sunday, the students of Law faculty in Mashhad Azad University warned the Bahraini officials that the Iranian nation will not tolerate the brutal and unfair massacre in that country.

It noted that though the news on Bahrain uprising is severely censored by the US and the Zionist regime due to the country’s geopolitical importance, most of the world nations are well aware of the waves of the Islamic awakening going on there.

Addressing the Bahraini embassy in Tehran, the students further said in their statement that they expected the ambassador to convey the message of Iranian students to Bahraini rulers.


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