Islamophobia" conference released as a book

abna news agency , 16 Feb 2012 12:58

Institute of Culture, Arts and Communications has marketed the first print of "Islamophobia".

 Bfnews: The book holds articles of the "Conference to explore Islamophobia after 9/11" which was held in Tehran in October 2009.

The book says that the conference was held in order to evaluate the emergence and expansion of Islamophobia and the new theories as well as the process of Islamophobia's developments, the governments' role, politicians and western media in expanding Islamophobia following 9/11 attacks, countering discrimination and the annoyance originated from Islamophobia against Muslims in Muslim countries and finally assessing the ways the Islamic World should use to fight the phenomenon and solutions.

The book, presented in 21 titles, gives an account on the conference and the reflection of the selected articles.

The first print of "Islamophobia" has been marketed in ۱۰۰۰ copies and 223 pages.


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