Encyclopedia on Islam and Iran now available in French

MNA , 5 Sep 2011 17:02

The French version of “The Encyclopedia of Islam and Iran” written by Iran’s ex-foreign minister Ali-Akbar Velayati is now available in Beirut.

BFnews: The four-volume “The Encyclopedia of Islam and Iran: Dynamics of Culture and the Living Civilization” was compiled by a team of Iranian experts under the supervision of Velayati.

The book was translated by the American University of Beirut, which will publish the book sometime in the future.

The translation was organized by Iran’s Center for Organizing Translation and Publication of Islamic Instructions and Humanities.

The book was translated into English and published by the MPH Group Publishing Company in Malaysia and the first volume of the encyclopedia will be used as a reference book at Malaysian universities.

Velayati’s book sheds light on many aspects of Iran’s ancient and Islamic culture and civilization.

Velayati was the foreign minister of Iran for about 16 years from December 15, 1981 to August 20, 1997, making him the longest-serving foreign minister in Iranian history.

Velayati is currently the Iranian Supreme Leader’s adviser for international affairs.


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