Latest Issue of “Message of Islam” Monthly Released

News agency iqna , 1 Feb 2011 17:19

The Islamic Thought Foundation has published the 211th issue of “Message of Islam”, a French language monthly magazine.

BFnews: The newly-published issue consists of articles in a wide variety of issues such as Muslim conditions in Yemen, Somalia and Iraq in connection with the US military interference, Iran president’s visit to Lebanon compared with Obama’s trip to some Asian states.

“Principle of unity in the Muslim world”, “Question of proximity from Imam Musa Sadr’s viewpoint”, “Prayer: an itinerary to ascendancy”, “Philosophy of Eid-ol-Ghadir”, constitute some themes elaborated in the issue.

There are also some pages on European Muslim immigrants, world economic situation, as well as an article titled “Berlosconi’s silence & Sarkozy’s fall”.


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