Bright Future news (BFnews) 16 Apr 2012 11:18 -------------------------------------------------- Iranian Senior Shi'a Cleric: Title : Iran is the center of science in the Islamic world -------------------------------------------------- Iranian senior Shi'a cleric in holy city of Qom, underscored that Western sciences should not eclipse Islamic teachings and view points in our universities. content : Bfnews:Morteza Moqtadaei, the member of Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom, rebuke ignoring the importance role of Islamic teachings and instructions in universities calling on officials to Islamize sciences at universities and transmit them to other countries in the region. " making unity between seminaries and universities required Islamization of sciences at universities," said the Islamic scholar stating that Iran can be pioneer in this arena. The grand Ayatollah urged responsible officials in this realm to oversee the content of books and lessons offered at universities," " Iran slated to help other countries through transmitting its science there," the senior cleric underscored. " Iran is the center of science in the Islamic world, so other countries expect us to help them and transmit our science to those countries," said the Islamic scholar.End/m