Bright Future news (BFnews) 8 Nov 2011 12:28 -------------------------------------------------- Bahraini Opposition: Title : Dehi Assassination Warns of Next Murders -------------------------------------------------- Bahraini Opposition Abroad strongly condemned the assassination of Ali el-Dehi, elderly father of the second in command of Bahrain's largest opposition group Al-Wefaq, describing the incident as “new bloody target that warns of another series of assassination which may touch the opposition leaders and activists working in the political and technical field.” content : BFnews: Regime s hand stained with innocents blood. It can neither build a civil state, nor establish a real democracy. It is impossible to talk about political reform in this regime,” the Bahraini Opposition said in its statement.The statement referred to the US administration and the head of the fact-finding committee in all what related to the crimes committed against civilians and politicians. All events were under U.S. cover and full view of the fact-finding committee headed by Dr. Mahmoud Basyooni,” the statement read.It is worthy to mention that interior ministry of Bahrain refused to confess to the 78-year el-Dehi s killing, despite of the witnesses and the martyr s family confirmation that he had been severely beaten and kicked by the security forces in front of his home on Wednesday evening, and was taken to hospital where he died.End/