Bright Future news (BFnews) 16 Apr 2012 11:47 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Muslims being discriminated in UK -------------------------------------------------- London mayoral candidate Ken Livingstone has called on the Londoners to be united after stressing that it is the Muslims’ turn to be discriminated against. content : Bfnews:Labour party s candidate for mayor of London declared that he would like to see Muslim residents of the capital be represented in a better balance.” Livingstone, who is competing to take back his former post from Conservative mayor Boris Johnson, said that Britain s right-wing politicians pander to bigotry.” He insisted that in1906 Daily Mail s front pages mostly covered the headlines about Jews bring crime and disaster to Britain.” However the headlines then were about the blacks, Irish and later the lesbians and gays. He accused the right-wing politicians of aiming to show that there has always been an enemy in the society. "I remember the deputy leader of the Tory group at the GLC, when we launched our lesbian and gay policies, said to me 'Every time I make a homophobic speech in Ruislip-Northwood I get an extra 1,000 votes'. It is the Muslims' turn now. Don't be divided,” he said. "No Muslims ever came to me and said 'I want homosexuality banned'. Muslims came to this city to flee oppressive culture. They came here so their children could have democracy, that they could achieve their best." Meanwhile, while visiting Finsbury Park Mosque last month, Livingstone promised to turn the capital into a beacon” for the words of the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him.) he considered Prophet s last sermon as an agenda for all humanity.” He insisted that he wanted to spend the next four years ensuring that every non-Muslim in London knows and understands [its] words and message.”End/m