Bright Future news (BFnews) 15 Apr 2012 13:12 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Ki-moon, Annan Call for Urging Syrian Opposition to Ensure Cessation of Violence -------------------------------------------------- UN Security General Ban Ki-moon and UN Envoy to Syria Kofi Annan on Saturday called upon countries and sides with influence on the Syrian opposition to urge them to take "reciprocal steps" to ensure the cessation of violence in Syria. content : Bfnews: Reuters reported that Ki-Moon and Annan issued a statement after their meeting which lauds the Security Council's decision to send unarmed observers to Syria, saying that they will do their best to deploy the observers as soon as possible. In this statement, Ki-Moon said that the primary responsibility falls upon the Syrian government in the cessation of violence and the withdrawal of its forces. The statement said that Annan briefed Ki-moon on his communication with Syrian officials, the opposition, and influential countries, adding that Annan explained the efforts being made to ensure the full implementation of his plan and the initiation of a political process that meets the aspirations of the Syrian people.End/m