Bright Future news (BFnews) 1 Feb 2011 17:19 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Latest Issue of “Message of Islam” Monthly Released -------------------------------------------------- The Islamic Thought Foundation has published the 211th issue of “Message of Islam”, a French language monthly magazine. content : BFnews: The newly-published issue consists of articles in a wide variety of issues such as Muslim conditions in Yemen, Somalia and Iraq in connection with the US military interference, Iran president s visit to Lebanon compared with Obama s trip to some Asian states. Principle of unity in the Muslim world”, Question of proximity from Imam Musa Sadr s viewpoint”, Prayer: an itinerary to ascendancy”, Philosophy of Eid-ol-Ghadir”, constitute some themes elaborated in the issue.There are also some pages on European Muslim immigrants, world economic situation, as well as an article titled Berlosconi s silence & Sarkozy s fall”. End/