Bright Future news (BFnews) 19 Jul 2011 16:11 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Clarifying the Culture of Intizar Requires Employing Modern Media -------------------------------------------------- Shia researcher and a scholar at the Islamic College of London: In today’s world, where new media like the internet and satellite networks have appeared, Muslims need to make use of these media to spread the teachings of Islam, especially the culture of Intizar (awaiting the Savior). content : BFnews: This is according to Ali Al-Hakim, Shia researcher and a scholar at the Islamic College of London, who also said that belief in Mahdism is an inseparable part of Shia belief system.Al-Hakim was in Tehran attending the 7th International Conference on Mahdism.He said the belief in the coming of a savior is a shared belief among all religions and faiths including Islam, Christianity, and Buddhism. Each of these faiths endorse the idea that the savior of mankind will reappear and save the world. According to us, Shiites, it is the 12th Imam who is the Savior, the one who will establish justice in the world.”He highlighted the need for employing new media for fostering the culture of Intizar and said, In the past, it might have been difficult for Shiites to spread their message in the world. However, with the advent of new media like the internet and satellite networks, Muslims, especially Shia Muslims, ought to make use of them to spread the message of Islam.”Mr. Al-Hakim urged for the promotion of the culture of Intizar among the youths who are active, energetic and keen to know new things. If today s youths pay attention to the concept of Mahdism, they can recognize it profoundly and even propagate it.”He also noted that Mahdism ought to be fostered through different means including art.Elsewhere in his remarks, the Islamic College of London scholar elaborated on the characteristics of a monotheistic-Islamic society based on Quranic principles and said in such a society individualism and materialism are rejected.Ali Al-Hakim, presented a paper titled Mahdism or Justice-based Society; Role of the Mass Media in Creation and Implementation” at the 7th International Conference on Mahdism. The conference was held in Tehran s IRIB International Conference Center on July 14-15. End/