Bright Future news (BFnews) 14 Jun 2011 16:26 -------------------------------------------------- Title : US, Israel behind unrest in Syria -------------------------------------------------- The US and Israel have so far carried out a number of plots in Syria to incite unrest, create insecurity and spark a civil war in the Arab nation. content : BFnews: At the outset, the White House and the Tel Aviv regime provoked anti-government protests in Syria's southern city of Daraa near the border with Jordan.Analysts said: There is now clear evidence that weapons, cell phones and terrorists from Jordan were transferred into the city to further complicate the situation on the ground.The Syrian army began withdrawing its forces from Daraa in early May after arresting scores of heavily-armed people and confiscating large amounts of sophisticated weapons and ammunition.The US and Israel then sparked revolts in the cities of Baniyas, located on Syria's Mediterranean coast, and Talkalakh near the Lebanese border.Informed sources in Lebanon blamed Salafi extremists and elements associated with the country's al-Mustaqbal party for direct involvement in the violence.The Lebanese sources blame a retired general in charge of Mustaqbal's maintenance and leaders of al-Qaeda-linked Fatah al-Islam militia for distributing arms and SIM cards among rioters in northern Syria.Major Salafi clerics in north Lebanon have provided refuge for terrorists operating in Syria, and issuing provocative decrees. Salafi mosques in the region are reportedly being used to store weapons.The Syrian military ultimately succeeded in restoring calm to the area after scores of terrorists were arrested and their weapons were confiscated.Violent clashes between armed groups and Syrian troops then broke out in the northern city of Jisr al-Shughour.At least 120 Syrian soldiers were killed after armed groups attacked police and security stations in the city on June 6.Syrian TV on Sunday evening broadcast photos of a mass grave containing mutilated bodies belonging to police and security forces that were killed by armed terrorist groups in Jisr al-Shughour. Marks of torture were visible on the bodies of the victims.Reports say the terrorist groups behind days of deadly clashes in the northern city of Jisr al-Shughour have escaped to Turkey.Hundreds of Syrian civilians have also crossed the northern border into Turkey after the Turkish government announced that its doors are open to those seeking refuge.The developments come as the US Central Intelligence Agency Director Leon Panetta recently visited the border between Syria and Turkey in a secret visit to Turkey. The United States and some regional countries support civil war in Syria.Syrian army units on Monday restored security and tranquility to the city of Jisr al-Shaghour after clearing it from the armed groups that terrorized locals, attacked public and private properties, and wrought havoc in the city.In the latest attempts, Washington and Tel Aviv are hatching plots to reignite the flames of unrest in Syria through smuggling weapons into the Arab country via the autonomous Kurdish region in northern Iraq.The Syrian government has repeatedly blamed foreign infiltrators and extremist groups for killing civilians and security forces, and creating chaos in the country.Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has vowed to bring those behind the killings to justice.End/