Bright Future news (BFnews) 15 Apr 2012 13:11 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Yemeni protesters demand Saleh, aides prosecuted -------------------------------------------------- Yemeni protesters have staged fresh rallies in several cities across the country, calling on the new government to meet the people's demands. content : Bfnews: Mass demonstrations were held after Friday Prayers in Yemen s major cities, including the capital, Sana'a, and the southern city of Taizz. The protesters urged Sana a to sack authorities related to deposed ruler Ali Abdullah Saleh. They also called for the trial and prosecution of Saleh and his aides over the killing of nearly 2,000 protesters in the brutal crackdowns on the country s popular revolt that started in early 2011. After months of anti-regime protests and under growing international pressure, Saleh formally stepped down in February, under a deal proposed by the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council. The Arab-brokered deal gave immunity to Saleh and his affiliates in return for the three-decade dictator s transfer of power to his own deputy Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi. It also kept the powerful military under the control of the outgoing ruler s relatives and granted half of the cabinet posts to his aides. Hadi, a UK-trained field marshal, was later swept to the post of president in a single-candidate presidential election backed by the United States and Saudi Arabia. The Yemeni public has been holding regular rallies across the country, urging the new government to bring Saleh and his men to justice.End/m